Midtown Master Plan

In 2009, Midtown Partners, Inc. launched a year-long master planning process for the Midtown neighborhood.  Duvall Decker Architects, P.A. led the community through this visioning and planning process which included analysis of neighborhood data, many neighborhood meetings, resident surveys, and input from many partners.  The resulting Master Plan serves as the Midtown neighborhood’s vision for growth and revitalization, and a guide for Midtown Partners’ work to make midtown a thriving community in which to live, work and raise families.  The Master Plan identifies priority actions and investments for housing, security, jobs, health services, education, and recreation.  It is a holistic plan, which envisions a diverse, mixed-income, mixed-use community with expanded and improved services, improved infrastructure and recreation space, and ongoing resident and partner involvement.  Midtown Partners, Inc. is assembling the partners needed to make this community vision a reality.

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