Health Circuit

The Midtown Master Plan includes the creation of a Health Circuit throughout Midtown to provide public opportunities for improving our health.  The Health Circuit will be a network of pedestrian and bike paths throughout the neighborhood with strategically located outdoor areas and equipment for recreation and exercise.  It will be designed to accommodate a range of exercise levels and types of activities, and to promote security.  This network of improvements will provide a direct increase in the quality of life for existing residents and increase neighborhood desirability for potential new residents.

The health circuit is being planned and created incrementally.  It will involve upgrading infrastructure and increasing the right-of-way on some streets in order to accommodate a bike path and widened sidewalks for walking/jogging.  In addition, each development should contribute to the circuit’s growth and success. The first pockets of outdoor exercise equipment will be included in the Jackson Housing Authority’s Midtown Housing development which is currently under construction.  Additional pieces of the Health Circuit will be built as a part of future developments.

For more information on the health circuit contact Mary Elizabeth Evans at 601.354.5373.

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