Project Innovation

Project Innovation provides a quality afterschool experience in STEM/(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and art education. The program adheres to a child-centered and community-based model of intellectual exploration and project-based inquiry. Time spent at Project Innovation is all about creativity, critical thinking, and community service. Project Innovation was the first afterschool in the state to offer “I Too Can Fly”, a program which enhances the study of math and science through the use of aviation. Additionally, the program won the Governor’s Award for Excellence in 2010.

Our Goals:

  1. Increased Academic Performance
  • Achieve profiency in Science
  • Attain profiency in Math
  • Reduce dropout rates

2.  Improved Self-Concept

  • Encourage higher self-concept relating to Math and Science
  • Enhance effort and motivation to learn
  • Develop higher resiliency to challenges of community or social challenges

3.  Positive Social Awareness and Interaction

  • Improve interactions and perceptions of others within their neighborhoods and larger community
  • Offer connective opportunities for community stakeholders to interact with youth and their families

4. Parental Engagement

  • Expand parents’ ability to help their child(ren) with academic support
  • Increase parent advocacy in the school

Program Requirements:
Participants must be in the second through fifth grade and be residents of the Midtown neighborhood. The program is free and transportation is provided to and from the afterschool program.

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