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“The Discovery that the child has a mind able to absorb on its own accord produces a revolution in education. We can now understand easily why the first period in human development, in which character is formed, is the most important”
- Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

Established in 2003, Little Samaritan Montessori Center was founded on the principles that supports the development of the “whole child”.  Little Samaritan utilizes the philosophy, methods and materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori.  The Montessori method emphasizes the development of all facets of a child’s personality – intellectual, social, emotional and physical.  The scientifically prepared environments contain a wide variety of materials from which a child may choose an appropriate learning tool.  The teacher fills the role of a facilitator in encouraging  individual exploration, discovery, trial, practice and success.  The Montessori curriculum includes five major components:

  • Practical Life – lessons relating to care of self and the environment
  • Sensorial – activities enable the child to order, classify, and describe sensory impressions in relation to length, width, temperature, mass, color, etc.
  • Language – includes oral language development, written expression, reading, elements of grammar, creative dramatics and children’s literature.
  • Math – instruction uses manipulative materials to help the child gain an understanding of the concepts relating to numbers, symbols, sequence, operations and memorization of basic facts.
  • Geography & History – provides an introduction to physical and cultural geography through the use of wooden puzzle maps, activities and objects from other countries and international celebrations throughout the year.

For more information on enrolling at Little Samaritan contact Tamara Smith at (601) 354-5685 or complete the application found below and email to

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