Early Links to Innovation

Recognizing that kindergarten is the foundation for all future formal learning experiences and that all students must enter the doors ready to learn on day one, Midtown Partners introduced in 2011 Early Links to Innovation.

Early Links is a seven week intensive summer program focused on preparing upcoming kindergartens who will be enrolling in Brown Elementary in the fall.  Early Links is designed specifically for those children who have not had the opportunity to participate in an early childhood classroom and for those who might need some additional assistance in preparation for the transition into the school setting.  Components of the program include:

  • Screenings – Speech, hearing, vision & emotional/social with referrals being made to early intervention agencies as needed.
  • Readiness Assessment – The program utilizes the same assessment used by the Jackson Public School District during the initial weeks of kindergarten in efforts to promote a continuum approach to tracking development once the official transition is made.
  • Individualistic Instruction – The program is designed with a low teacher to student ration in efforts to promote individualistic instruction and guidance.
  • Parent Academy – A program focused on preparing parents for the transition into the school setting and how to be a “kindergarten parent”.  This program was established in partnership with Parents for Public Schools of Greater Jackson.

For more information on “Early Links” or to request information on how to register contact Eileen Beazley at (601) 965-8000.

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