About Us


In the summer of 2010, North Midtown Community Development Corporation (NMCDC) and Good Samaritan Midtown, Inc. merged to create a new entity that would identify more strategic ways in which to deliver comprehensive services while also supporting capacity building through resident driven community initiatives all of which will ultimately promote social change.  Thus, Midtown Partners, Inc. became the new “face” of the efforts.

North Midtown Community Development Corporation (NMCDC)
NMCDC was incorporated in 1993 for the intent of making the Midtown community a more desirable place in which to live, work and raise families.

Good Samaritan Midtown (GSM)
Good Samaritan Midtown was incorporated in 2003 as an educational offshoot of the Good Samaritan Center, a non-profit also located in the Midtown community with the mission of helping families in crisis.

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